Saturday, November 5, 2011

Movember is ushered in...

Well hockey fans gone is a very shaky October. Bring on the stashes and a great November. Who would have thought that the Leafs and Oilers would be doing as well as they have? Certainly not I. Then again the Leafs win a couple games and the parade route is always planned straight down Younge Street to the nearest golf course, as it should be.

Last year that this time, Our beloved Habs had a less than impressive record in October. Then magically as the stash grew above Cary Price's lip, we started winning more often than losing and turned the season around. Funny how a little lip hair can do that for a hockey season don't you think?

This year started off bad and before this past week off, we finished up with 3 convincingly solid wins against Philadelphia and Boston. Could this be what the Forum ghosts ordered? One can hope!

This month we are expecting the return of Markov. As I have quipped on twitter recently, I genuinely forget what it's like to have him in the line up. I am not Anti-Markov by any means however his re-insertion into the lineup will take some getting used to which will mean Webber will become a forward again or watch a few games from the Press box.

Another well talked about return is Scott Gomez. Time and time again I have heard sports media pundits as well as some bloggers say he should be buried in the minors. I have to say that is probably the biggest mistake we could ever do. Sure he still has his 1 and only move of skating through the neutral zone only to lose the puck at the blue line. However the Scott Gomez I know is a play maker and a highly skilled passer.

Remember that 6 game losing streak? No one could make a tape to tape pass to save their lives. As well we could not seem to get the puck deep enough past the opponents defense to launch our fore check. Now that we seem to have that fixed Gomez may end up surprising everyone, just as Pearn's firing leading to a 3 game winning streak.

Hey I could be crazy. And The Leafs could go deep in the playoffs too.

(Insert Laugh here)

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