Sunday, September 18, 2011

Training Camp is here!

It's the middle of September and our Lions of Winter have returned to Montreal in preparations for the up coming season. It's about time too! It seems like this past summer has gone in slow motion since that OT goal in Game 7 vs The Stanley Cup Champion, Boston Bruins. I took a break from blogging and tweeting and all things hockey for the better part of this past summer though did keep an eye on draft and Free Agent day. All things considered, I think we look really good this year.

What did you do during your summer vacation? Let's see.. Our core is still in tact, we dumped a couple pylons and we signed that top power forward that we have been dying for since Gainey took office. The lost of Roman Hamrlik was a little difficult to digest I have to admit. He posted some amazing minutes in the last 2 seasons with Markov on the shelf as well you could tell how much of an influence he had on our Super hero, P.K. Subban.

The signing of Erik Cole was a prayer finally answered. I know I am not the only one that has wished to see him in a Habs jersey since he first started killing us in the playoffs a few years ago. With Max Pacioretty now back and completely healed from "The hit", look for Cole to be a mentor to Patches this season.

Josh Gorges and Andre Markov (The bad knee twins) are both back from major knee reconstructions. Markov still needs some time to heal. I am really hoping that the Medical staff take it easy with Marky's return... I do not think any of us can stomach a 3rd year without him.

One question that was asked a lot last year was Jaro who? If 72 starts is not enough for you Halakians to finally get a grip and "Chillax", I am sure you will be able to find a team to cheer for 1 province to the west..( They love bandwagon jumpers but you must dress in blue and white). Carey Price really put his money where is mouth is.. he showed a lot of guts and courage to pull of a spectacular season. With the addition of Peter Budaj on the off season I do not see a need for Carey to play more than 60 games this season. We need him as fresh as possible for our deep run into the playoffs.

Speaking of Booing, Scott Gomez is back and from his own accounts he took a different approach to getting ready this season. I really think most fans need another "Chillax" sound byte from him as well. When he was signed, most were expecting the second coming of Rocket Richard. He is a play maker, not a goal scorer. He had the guts to call himself out on the carpet this past summer to his short comings. I will not be surprised at all when we finally get to see the Gomez we traded for as promised.

Last but not least, the AK 46 Conspiracy. Do most of the Montreal Sports writers have nothing better to do than to try and "Babblefish" news articles from Russia? Or wait.. don't tell me they were trying to use Google again. Look Habs fans. The Mainstream Media in Montreal has been doing this crap for years with Andre Kostitsyn. Not too long ago they had both him and his kid brother Sergei allegedly playing with fire with the Russian mob. This is hockey, WWE Raw and certainly not your mother's soap operas. Russian Media has been jealous with North American hockey since they came into the NHL in the late 80s. They do not have enough drama going on in the bush league they call the KHL that they feel the need to create drama and strife in in Montreal. They hated it when Kovalev was here.. don't forget it. This will not be the last time we here about this I am sure.. but do not pay any attention to it..if you are looking for drama in your hockey, I hear the Leafs are thinking about playing this year...