Monday, November 15, 2010

We do love the guy, but when is it enough?

This week has brought us great things as well as some we want to forget.  At the top of that list would be the injury to Andrei Markov.  This is the third injury in 2 years for the veteran defense man who has had a heck of a time trying to stay healthy.

Game 1 of last season, Markov was lost due to a freak accident which left him with a very serious injury due to a skate blade.  There is no way anyone could fault him for that.  He came back in February and stayed healthy until the playoffs when Matt Cooke took him heavily into the boards with a torn ACL.  This required surgery which kept him out of the lineup until a few weeks ago.  At least this time he was able to score a goal before going down Saturday night against the Carolina Hurricanes with another knee injury which could keep him out until late February again.

This was supposed to be his last season under contract with Les Habitant which would have seen him go UFA unless Montreal is able to sign him before July 1 of 2011.

The big question is now... Should we take that chance?  Yes he has done a lot for the Habs however is he not a liability now?  With the Canadiens depth on defense, the play of Subban and Picard and Tinordi about 2-3 seasons away from a permanant spot on the squad, would it be  the time to pass on this veteran forward?

What say you Habs Nation?