Monday, November 15, 2010

We do love the guy, but when is it enough?

This week has brought us great things as well as some we want to forget.  At the top of that list would be the injury to Andrei Markov.  This is the third injury in 2 years for the veteran defense man who has had a heck of a time trying to stay healthy.

Game 1 of last season, Markov was lost due to a freak accident which left him with a very serious injury due to a skate blade.  There is no way anyone could fault him for that.  He came back in February and stayed healthy until the playoffs when Matt Cooke took him heavily into the boards with a torn ACL.  This required surgery which kept him out of the lineup until a few weeks ago.  At least this time he was able to score a goal before going down Saturday night against the Carolina Hurricanes with another knee injury which could keep him out until late February again.

This was supposed to be his last season under contract with Les Habitant which would have seen him go UFA unless Montreal is able to sign him before July 1 of 2011.

The big question is now... Should we take that chance?  Yes he has done a lot for the Habs however is he not a liability now?  With the Canadiens depth on defense, the play of Subban and Picard and Tinordi about 2-3 seasons away from a permanant spot on the squad, would it be  the time to pass on this veteran forward?

What say you Habs Nation?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Do you really want to question his heart?

Wednesday night began with loads of promise.   With players at centre ice with team captain off to the side, the Phone Booth faithful held their breath for player introductions.

Noomeero Cease, Jaroslav Spacek!  

Wow, a non French Canadian, an American throwing caution to the wind and giving it everything he has to connect with ALL Canadiens fans.  The Monreal French mainstream media was quick to jump on the "There has to be a French speaking captain" bandwagon at the announcement from Pierre Gauthier this past summer that a team captain would be announced before the start of the season.

Noomeray ondze, Scott Gomez!

Captain Brian Gionta joined the Montreal Canadiens before last season via free agency after his former teammate Gomez was traded to the Habs.  This also opened the flood gates for a major shake up and team complexion change.

Number Thirteen, Mike Cammaleri!
Noomeray Cat orze, Tomas Plekanec!

There have been many legendary players that have worn the C for the Habs in their 101 year history.  I have taken the liberty to explain my top 3 favorites who have donned the famous C for Le Tricolor.  I would not be a true Canadiens fan if Le Gros Bill, Jean Belliveau was not at the top of that list.  His class on and off the ice is standard that every NHLer since has aspired to emulate.  The second of my top 3 selections goes to Meusieur Bob, Bob Gainey who captained the Habs to the cup in 86.  

Noomero Quinze, Jeff Halpern!
Number Seventeen, Justin Boyd! (Yes we all know it's Dustin, It was a practical joke by Gionta)
Noomero Vinn... Ryan O'byrne!

And he continued on introducing his teammates one after one to the 21,272 fans in attendance.  There was no water poured out at centre ice.  There was no flame to light the ice as was done in the playoffs.  No Bells, No whistles.  Just a man who stands 5'7'' who plays the game as if he was 6'4'' giving it everything has and in a language he just started to learn over the last year.  The third captain of my top three of all time has already been selected.  I did not select these three for there on ice heroics or the hardware they have amassed over their careers.  No it was for 1 thing.  Class.

Je Suis Noomero Vin tay oone, Brian Gionta!

It takes a lot of guts to stand up in a room to give a presentation.  Many have done it in boardrooms across the world.  Some have done so in their non-native tongues.  Brian did it in French in front of 21,272. If you are looking for heart, you just found it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Something's a miss at the Phone Booth.

Good morning Habs fans!  I am sure you are all excited as I am about tonight's home opener between the Tampa Bay Lightning (Habs south) vs your beloved Montreal Canadiens live from Centre Bell or Phone Booth as I like to call it.   

Before we get to far into this post, sports fans can be geeks and there are many geeks who are sports fans.  I would like to assure you that I am 95% Geek, 5% athletic and  a fan of "Le tricolore"  through and through  Most would say that they bleed in 3 colours, White, Red and Blue as I do.  

Yesterday morning as I made my rounds of blogs, online news papers and video sources as I usually do on a daily basis I was confused of the Candiens press release of what was about to happen this year.  This year the Habs and Bell have 3 "new ways that for Canadiens fans to get closer than ever to their team".  

#1- The Official Canadiens Mobile App:  Available to fans who have an Android, Blackberry or IOS (Iphone to you and Me).  You will be able to get official team news, stats and you will have the ability to vote for the game's three stars (we will get to this later).  Bell subscribers will also have the ability to access game broadcasts and post game comments from Jacques Martin.  As well, if you are one of these subscribers you will have access to their special social network where you can exchange comments, photos and videos with other fans and as well you can even instantly share their photos live on the Bell Centre big screen.

#2- TV series: You want to really find out what it's like behind the scenes?  Well now you have your chance with a new reality show staring your Habs.  Been itching to see what goes on in the locker room before the morning skate?  Ever ask yourself who takes the most ribbing on the team?  Is Lappy just as chirpy with the equipment staff?  Well now all these questions will finally be answered. The 30-minute show will be made available first from Bell on mobile, TV and online from November to December in English and French, before it’s widely broadcast on RDS, TSN and V in January.

3- The 3 stars of the game: For the first time in team history, the three stars of the game will be selected by you fans, rather than by members of the media, with voting online or by mobile phone. Bell developed the mobile voting platform for this new approach that brings fans closer to the game than ever before.  

I have always said if toronto can have their LeafsTV then what are we waiting for to have a Habs version.  So the tv show Idea I love and is a can't miss.  

While some will argue that fan voting is has done well for the NHL All-star game, I do have a problem with the three stars selection as being voted by the fans via mobile app or internet.  This is not Canadian Idol, nor X-factor, nor Survivor nor Rockstar Supernova.  While this game is played on ice this is NOT the Battle of the Blades.  Back in the day it was called the Molson Cup Three Stars with points awarded to those selected and a trophy handed given to the top point getter.  

While I am all for expanding the opportunities for interaction of the fans with their team, this is a bad idea.  This is what happens when you have geeks come up with the next biggest marketing technique.  Whats next?  Do we get to vote on the lineup?  Why stop there?  Lets see who should make the team?  Hey I know.. Who do you want to trade and for what at the trade deadline... I wonder how many Halak for Price votes that one will bring. 

There have been times when we have disagreed with the media's selection of a star but this is opening the door for fan favorites instead of rewarding great play.  Wouldn't it be something if Price has a good game and the head trainer gets a star?  Should someone who plays 1-2 shifts a game get a vote?  There are many different ways to bring the fans and team closer but this is going in the wrong direction that is just asking for trouble.  

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Game 2: Price Check in Pittsburgh

It was the coming out party we were waiting for since the Halak/Eller trade was announced.  Carey Price made save after save leading the Montreal Canadiens past the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-2 tonight.

There was a definite playoff atmosphere in the building as the Habs returned to the scene of the crime where they stole the hopes and dreams of another playoff run to the Cup for Syd's boys.  Though some of the names have changed it was still the same result.

After serving his 1 game suspension for his altercation in the pre-season, Mike Cammaleri wasted no time in getting his season started in great "Cammy" fashion.  At 15:24 of the 1st, assisted by Andrei Kostitsyn and Tomas Plekanec, Cammaleri potted his first of the season.  With 28 minutes in penalties combined by both teams in the first period, the game seemed to be on a chippy pace.

Pittsburgh opened the second period with a quick goal at the 0:40 mark from Evgeni Malkin with assists going to Sydney Crosby and Alex Goligoski.  It was pretty tight checking for the rest of the 2nd which saw the Pens leading the way 25-20 in the shots department.

The Pens were able to pull ahead of the Habs with a goal from Mark Letestu with assists by Matt Cooke and Paul Martin at 8:42.  From then on, Pittsburgh seemed to have the Habs right were they wanted them with a tight trap.  However Montreal would not go away quietly and have no quit.  Mike Cammaleri struck again for his second of the game with assists to Jeff Halpern and Josh Gorges at 17:42.  As if you could read his thoughts Scott Gomez spoke with his stick saying it isn't over yet boys by getting another passed Penguins goalie, Marc-Andre Fleury at 18:12 with assists going to Benoit Pouliot and Brian Gionta.

From there it was shut down time and Carey Price went back to work to make sure the puck stayed out of his net for the rest of the game.  After a performance of this calibre by Price, I doubt very much boos will be heard Wednesday night when the Habs welcome the Tampa Bay Lightning to the Bell Centre.

Stars of the game:
 Third Star-Mark Letestu
 Second Star-Carey Price
 First Star- Michael Cammaleri

Friday, October 8, 2010

Game 1: We open 2010-2011 with a loss

Highlights of the game:  Montreal 2, Toronto 3 Oct 7th, 2010

After 5 long months, the 2010-2011 NHL season got under way at the Air Canada Centre tonight between the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs.  When it was all said and done the Leafs gaining the upper hand in the oldest rivalry in pro hockey with a 3-2 victory over the Habs.  

Toronto had opened the scoring at 6:42 with a 1st period goal by Tim Brent with the assist from Dion Phaneuf with another scored just shortly after by Phil Kessel assisted by Tyler Bozak and Mike Komisarek at 8:57.  Montreal was able to cut Toronto's lead in half on an unassisted goal by new comer Dustin Boyd with 8:41 left to play in the 1st.

The 2nd period was virtually lifeless with Montreal outshooting Toronto 10-5.  

Toronto regained their 2 goal lead with a quick goal in the third period by Clarke MacArthur with assists going to Nikolai Kulemin and Mikhail Grabovski at 1:36.  Montreal was able to regroup quickly by a beautiful goal from Jeff Halpern assisted by Maxime Lapierre and Benoit Pouliot at 2:28.

Reminiscent of the playoffs last year the game ended with a scramble in front of the net.  J.S. Giguere was there to shut down the Habs attack keeping the puck out in the dying seconds of the third.  Shots on goal for the game Montreal-28 and Toronto-24.

There were a lot of positives to take away from this game.  New comers Dustin Boyd, Jeff Halpern and Lars Eller played spectacularly for Montreal.  Eller seemed to be all over the ice getting his stick on the puck every chance he got being rewarded with ice time for his efforts.  

For those itching to jump all over Carey Price I am happy to report you can change your tune.  Price put in a very good game as he stopped 21 of 24 with an awesome save towards the end of the game on a shot by Phil Kessel off a scramble in front of the net.

There are however some things that need to be changed at the next chalk talk.  A lackluster effort of Spacek was enough to make anyone cringe when he got on the ice.  Darche is another that needs to pull his head in.  His 4 minutes in the sin bin could have proved costly for the Canadiens if the penalty kill units had not been clicking.  When he was not in the box, he was non-existent on the ice.

Next game goes Saturday from the "New Igloo" in Pittsburgh.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A poem before it all begins.

Special thanks to @habbyween and @chile_pepper for starting this on twitter and for the idea :)

T'was the night before hockey, when all through Habs nation,
Nothing was a out of place,  our sport was out of hibernation.
Cammy was sitting in the press box, no fair, 
While hopes of a victory hung in the air.

The rookies and veterans getting dressed in their rooms,
While they had visions of Komo and Phaneuf, meeting their dooms.
Coaches: Martin with his tie, Muller with piece in ear,
Checking over line combos, pre-game warm-up approaching so near.

When on my way to the church we call Bell Centre,
Over 21 thousand Fans bursting with excitement to enter.
Walking past the turnstile, getting my beer,
Remembering hearing Price'n horse wrestling a Steer.

The clock overhead read 20 mins with a 0-0 score,
Two teams about to emerge, a battle was in store.
When, what appeared out of the corner of my eye,
But a youth hockey player, with a torch held high.

With his skates laced up, his chin strap done tight,
21 thousand fans stood together, all wearing Red, Blue and White.
For out they came, 23 men skated on to the ice,
From the dressing room through the tunnel, all led by Carey Price.

"Now Gomez! now, Gionta! now, Spacek and Halpern!
On, Hamerlik! On, Markov! on, Gorges and O'Byrne!
To the top of the Division! to the top of the Conference!
Scoring many goals our Stanley Cup can seen in the distance."

On the other side of centre, boys dressed in white and blue
Raining down from many fans some cheers but mostly boos.
For they are the enemy we are to play tonight,
From Toronto they hail, These damn Leafs we will fight.

And then, among oles and cheers, I heard a familiar sound
A referee's whistle,  as the players skated to center on their icy playground.
Two men at center, four on the wing,
The game about to start, each fan and player with a hope of winning.

For another season is upon us, all hockey fans united,
Phrases like "He shoots he scores!" and "Et le but!" get us excited.
Over the P.A "Are you ready" is shouted,

Oh ya, the leafs suck! Now get this game started!

Now a little video, a tribute for the 2010-2011 season.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Open letter to Leafs, Leaf fans and Media

Dear Leaf fan,

Earlier today, Mike Cammalleri was suspended for 1 game for the incident involving him and a yet to be proven, soon to be NHLer, Nino Niederreiter.  While there remains a lot of people, pundits and arm chair referees who still argue over what he should or should not received for the actions, it's over.  Time to move on.

Now the major consensus on twitter, news reports and blogs is "Cammalleri is suspended for 1 game and will miss the Habs vs Leafs on Oct 7th, live from the Air Canada Centre.  We dodged one there!" like he is some sort of Gretzky, Lemieux or Crosby.  Although Cammy is one of my top favorite players, you fail to realize that we have a Team full of legitimate NHLers who won't just be ready for game 1 of the season but are ready now. That's right.  You remember the Montreal Canadiens who knocked off Washington AND Pittsburgh last spring both in 7 game series right?

You see, Mike is a great hockey player but he doesn't make saves.  He is not a pugilist.  He does not play every position on his line.  He is not the re-incarnations of Aurele Joliat, Howie Morenz, Jean Beliveau, Maurice Richard or Guy Lafleur,   He is 1 man.  When he is playing, he gives 110% every night but to sit there and suggest you get a free pass on October 7th is so laughable.

Who are you forgetting?  How about Plekanec, Gomez, Gionta? New additions of Boyd, Halpern, Auld.  Our defense core of Markov, Hamerlik, Spacek and rookie of the year to be Subban.  That is only 10 of the other 22 men who will own the ice on game day.  You can also forget about salivating over Price getting the call to be in goal; He is on his game.

So please, stop with your "We dodged the bullet with Cammy getting suspended."  While the rivalry is still alive, we will use you as a Zamboni in your own barn.

Best Wishes on the season

Sunday, October 3, 2010

9.5 From The Russian Judge...

The Canadian Broadcasting Company has been guilty in past years for allowing Donald "Grapes" Cherry of ranting against certain nationalities of the NHL for diving or faking injury.  Tonight I witnessed one of the most gutless moves I have seen in a long time.  

In Montreal's last pre-season game earlier tonight versus the New York Islanders (consisting of only AHL/ECHL talent nonetheless) a tit-for-tat skirmish broke out between Michael Cammalleri and Nino Niederreiter (the swiss born sensation that helped Switzerland beat Russia @ 2010 WJHC).  After the whistle had sounded, Cammelleri ended up with 5 and a game for slashing.  Before we discuss the event, allow me to highlight some other famous gutless dives.

1. NHL 2010 Playoffs - Daniel Carcillo Acting 

2. Sidney Crosby 2009 Stanley Cup Finals

3. Marty Turco from 2005

 Now lets take a look at the video in question.

(big thanks to Fel0096 of youtube/twitter for posting this so quickly)

Now as ugly as it looks, to me its inconclusive if Cammalleri's stick actually connects with any part of 
Niederreiter's face or chest on the highstick.  Next there is a little more tit-for-tat pushing on both parts.   Then all of a sudden Nino goes drops like he has been shot.  Wait a minute though... Roll that video back.. Mike swings at... HIS SKATE BLADE.  Show me the intent to injure.  Please I would like to see it.  

Isles fans will be happy to point out that  Niederreiter did not return for the rest of the game.   I would like to submit a few arguments for the reasoning:

A) This was pre-season and up until that point in the game he had played well and showed his coaching staff what they needed to see. 
B) He was kept off the ice to sell an injury for suspension considerations.
C) It was already 3-1 Montreal and no need to have the kid really get hurt by putting him back on the ice.

I am all for the league coming down hard on goons however Cammelleri is not a goon.  Yes! He should have tone down the stick work but there is no need for a suspension let alone a 5 and a game for that.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

And the "C" goes to...................

After waiting for 14 months and countless debates, Brian Gionta has been named captain of our fabled Montreal Canadiens.  While there were many who showed us what they are made of over the course of last season, the one who stood above everyone (many even claim he did this on a 5 foot box) the rest.  Standing 5'7'' tall, he does play like he is 6'3'', going to the net and never backs away from the corner.

The Habs also named Andrei Markov and Hal Gill as alternates.  Really you could have thrown the C and the A at anyone on the team and it would have made sense.. There are many leaders on the team and although Leaf fans are busy planning their parade down Young Street, chanting "Habs Suck", I am not the only one who feels that this squad is like none other...

I have a great feeling about this year.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And now for something completely different.

With all the crap flying around these days  regarding Carey Price, the idiots in the Molson Ex section of the Bell Centre and the Montreal Mainstream Media we here at the Aussie Hablog have decided to honor Carey's wishes and CHILLAX!  So we are.. sort of... Hope you enjoy!

             One of the conditions of Chris Chelios's retirement this year was to allow the media to finally see the emails that Ted Saskin was accused to have illegally obtained which led to his firing.   We here at the Aussie Hablog  would like to share some of the photos that were included with the emails.

1.  Now this first one was labeled Lou's first Leaf practice.

Whatever happens at practice stays at practice.

.2 We cannot tell you how we got this one but it is the most recent email attachment that we were able to obtain.
Price deciding on his future.

3.  From a few years back when Jose was accused for actions unbecoming a Hab.
And Clinton was not the only one who did not inhale!

4.  Gionta and Subban just found out what the first responsibility is upon acceptance of the Captaincy.
Hey, he wanted it!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

He has Speed, Style, Pizazz and a great smile. He is Peeekaaay!!

Name: Pernell Karl (PK) Subban
DOB: May 13, 1989 Toronto, On Canada
Position: Defence
Height: 6'0'' (1.83m)
Weight: 214 LBS (97 kg)
Shoots: Right

While living in the Quinte area 5 years ago, I remember hearing some news reports of this young Toronto area kid making waves in junior for the OHL Belleville Bulls.  He only tallied 12 points in his rookie season as a Bull however the kid had promise.  My how things change in a span of half a decade.  

Usually what happens to a player in their second year of play in a new league they encounter the "sophomore jinx" or a season that is less than stellar.  PK is not your usual player.  Instead of struggling during the 2006-2007 campaign he did the opposite scoring 56 points in 68 games.  This was also the same here PK Subban was drafted 43rd overall (2nd round) by the Montreal Canadiens.  2008 would see him lead the Belleville Bulls to the OHL finals losing to the Kitchener Rangers in 7 games where he added 23 points including 8 goals.  Before leaving the OHL for bigger and better things with Montreal, PK won not 1 but 2 gold medals for Team Canada at the World Junior Hockey Championships which saw him selected to the All-Star Team and tournament MVP in 2009.

After a great career as a junior, he was signed by the Habs to a 3 year contract and assigned to the Hamilton Bulldogs of the AHL where he would participate in the 2010 AHL All-Star Game held in Portland, Maine.  Not too long after he was called up to the Canadiens starting in 2 games registering his first NHL point, an assist.  As the Habs were preparing for the memorable game 6 of the Eastern Conference Quarter Finals vs the Washington Capitals, PK got the emergency call up due to Andrei Markov's injured knee.  He did not disappoint helping Les Habitants knock off both the Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins in 7 games respectively.  In game 3 against the Philadelphia Flyers in the 2010 Eastern Conference Finals, P.K. became the third rookie defenseman in Canadiens' history to score three assists in one game. Subban was awarded the AHL President's Award in recognition of his accomplishments in the 2009-2010 season.

While most are hesitant to say it but PK is turning into the defenceman we have been looking for since the days of the Big 3: Guy Lapointe (Pointu), Larry Robinson (Big Bird) and Serge Savard (The Senator).  I am not implying he is the re-incarnation of all 3, he definitely shows us parts of the big 3.  I know this may be a little early to say it but there is no way this kid is going back to ridding the bus in Hamilton.

Welcome to the bigs PK, make us proud! 

Friday, September 24, 2010

A very exciting day.... from Australia

99.999999% of all Australians will be cooking up a storm tomorrow for what they call "Grand Final Footy Food".  Consisting of pies, sausage rolls, hot dogs, basically any food you would throw on the BBQ (except for shrimp for there is no shrimp down under, it's called Prawn) beer, beer, and more beer most could equate this as the biggest tailgate party not being held in the USA.  For today is Grand Final day, the Superbowl of the AFL or as non-aussies know as Aussie Rules Football.  Of course I will be watching the game as the Collingwood Magpies take on the St. Kilda Saints in an epic battle for Footy supremacy however my day will be starting very very early.

As I am 14 hours ahead of Montreal time (EDT) the game that most interests me will be the Canadiens Vs Senators game that I will be listening to over the internet.  I have been very excited for the season to start since the final horn of Gm 5 of the Conference Finals last May of which I do not have to remind you what happened.  

What does boggle my mind is what happened the events of the last 48 hours.  You know I could sit here and rant on and on about how Carey Price was booed off the ice about an hour and a half after he was greeted with jubilation once he hit the ice.  No, I have another beef.  The Press.

There have been some bloggers and even some in the MSM, the mainstream media who have pointed out that the majority of the press had their own agendas and distorted the real story and actual events of what actually transpired on Wednesday night.  Conspiracy theories aside, it was an exhibition game pure and simple.  Yet those who have been dying to jump on the "HALAK FAIL" bandwagon chose this event to point out statistics that do not tell the whole story.

What needs to be addressed is the agendas.  When I was studying Broadcast Journalism at Loyalist College in the mid 90's the one thing that was constantly beat into my head was that I was to report the facts and leave my opinion out of the story.  As journalists we are not to be the story, we are to report the facts only unless it was in the form of a column or opinion driven show.  Almost 20 years after graduation it seems as if the facts of any story is not really useful to the story anymore.  Instead you, the reader is forced to sift through someone's opinion to find what the real story is about.

So shortly after the game was over, we start reading headlines about Price letting in 4 goals on 8 shots actually it was 9 only some could not even get the stats right.  The real story of the game should have been about Louis Leblanc's return to the Bell Centre in a Habs uniform after his draft day in 2009 held at the same venue.  How about the stellar play of other rookies like Aaron Palushaj and Jarred Tinordi?  Nope not a chance.  

You see you got to read about over and over was how bad Carey had let down the Canadiens and their faithful.  Not a word about how those goals were scored like 2 giveaways, a deflection and Price left hung out to dry like a moose pelt by defencemen who didn't have much experience in the NHL.

This is exactly what you get when the Press is allowed to have their agenda and push their opinions in articles or sound bites.  You think I am wrong?  How many times have you watched an interview lately (no matter what setting) and you find yourself shaking your head or yelling at the tv/radio/paper reporter asking a lame or stupid question?  The Press will come back and say this is what YOU the reader/listener/viewer want to ask.. I call B.S on that!

So my question for you is this.  If bloggers are to jump through hoops or pay through the nose to get the same access to the story, should their be a "DUMBASS TAX" for stupid questions?

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Ole Ole Ole!!!

Now I know you are sitting there in your Canadiens jersey clicking away with your mouse across your Habs-clad mouse pad wondering who is this guy exactly?  Actually, it's not really that important.  I am just a Canadian and Habs fan who has been transplanted on the other side of the globe.  Gone are the days of 6 foot snow banks, being late for work due to forgetting to plug the car in when it has been -45c the night before and the white Christmas.  Hello beautiful beaches, hot weather, deadly snakes and some of the biggest and deadliest spiders on this planet.  Hey.. even paradise has it's hiccups.

I grew up as a fan of Les Habitant.  I can remember as a 4 year old putting on my hockey gear to watch the Canadiens beat the crap out of virtually everyone in the league.  The 70's were a proud time for everyone growing up in that era.  With players like Lafleur, Shutt, Dryden and Lemaire, the Habs owned the NHL by winning the Stanley Cup 5 times in within that decade.   The Roy era brought us 2 more in '86 and again in '93  which are my most memorable and fondest wins.  We were not supposed to win either of them.

Its going on 18 years since we last won. There is another Cup on the horizon for the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge.  It will happen and I can guarantee it will before the Blue and White get their grubby paws on what has been ours 24 times in our 101 year history.

As I close off this first of MANY posts this season it is very true what has been said back in Canada.  The jersey of 'Le Club Hockey Canadien' is the most recognized sports jersey in the world.  I wear mine with pride here in Melbourne, Australia and it is definitely recognized over here.  What you are going to get in this blog is a very thoughtful and well laid out take on the Montreal Canadiens as they progress through the season and to the playoff run.  It may not be liked.  It may not be nice.  It will be truthful and to the point.

Go Habs Go and Bonne Saison !