Thursday, February 16, 2012

X = Pro Sports + Politics

Before you continue reading allow me to preface this post by saying that this really does not have anything to do with the sport of hockey, his abilities or the fact that when the Jersey is put on I would consider Tim Thomas and the City of Boston an enemy. I have tweeted publicly certain things regarding his goal tending style from "beached whale" to Snow angel making. When it comes to Boston Vs Montreal, I have never pulled any punches.

Within the last few weeks, there has been too much talk and finger pointing towards Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas over his decision not to visit the White House with the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins Team in late January, as well as recent comments he has posted on his Facebook page.

I have read and heard many in the media and social media regarding Tim's decision on not joining his team at the White House. Many have stated that it was bad form on his part and should have put politics aside and went regardless of his own political view for his team mates who "fought in the trenches" during their battle in the playoffs.

My own political views aside, I have never won a Stanley Cup. I have never been invited to the White House. I am not even American. I do see how some would would make this out to be a snub to his team mates. However the choice was his and his alone.

He then posted this on his Facebook page. (Please forgive the blurriness of the screen cap)

Tim has recently come under fire from those in the Sports Media over his comments on his Facebook page. I took the time to read through hundreds of support posts from hockey fans around the world on his page to see what he has actually been saying. Most of his comments have actually been quotes from past Presidents of the USA or forefathers of the Constitution. Yet instead of talking about hockey, the media hoard has picked and prodded Tim on his political views to the point he has walked out of 1 or 2 media scrums in the last couple days.

This should have been a non issue from the start but now we have sports writers thinking they are apart of the White House press core pressing Tim on everything he says on his Facebook. His reply to them is Facebook is his personal life. Many have come out and said that he has to watch what he says because he is a Pro Athlete.


At the end of the day when the Jersey is removed, the gear is stowed and he is sitting on his couch with a beer in hand he is human like everyone else. His personal beliefs, political views and his choices away from the arena are his. If he wants to replace his mask with a tin foil hat at the end of the day that is his choice. What this boils down to is freedom of speech and choice. We all have the right to say what we want, worship who or what was want and believe in what we want.

Just because someone makes 50,000 times more money than you and I for stopping rubber 3 hours a night 3-5 times a week does not make him any less human or any more accountable than you and I. His comments have not been offensive nor has he belittled anyone. He does not tweet about his conquests of females like some players nor does he stand in front of the camera talking about someone's "Sloppy Seconds".

Friday, December 2, 2011

Open Letter to Mr Geoff Molson.

Dear Mr Molson,

As with any fan of our beloved Montreal Canadiens, if you were to cut my arm you would see that I bleed Bleu Blanc et Rouge and have done so basically since birth. When your company, Molson Breweries decided to sell our Habs to Mr George Gillet I was scared to say the least that our fabled hockey team would fly south like so many others have in recent history. Mr Gillet was a man of his word and did everything he could to steer the Habs into a top 3 money making team by insuring the talent on the ice.

Though we have not won a cup since 1993, we have had contenders year in and year out. We had some ups and downs however we have never been the laughing stock of the league.

Right now we have a team who is playing 500 hockey without an identity. We never know what team is going to show up.. if at all on some nights. It has become very obvious to this fan of le Tricolore that they have given up playing for the current Coach and GM. As well in many ways, this coach to me seems like he has given up on them as well.

Am I a coach? Not at all! However I have been a student of the game for the last 30+ years and I can tell you that winning teams start with someone who can lead, motivate and get every ounce of talent out of his players. We do have a few bright spots on the team but they are overshadowed by those who think the name on the back is far more important than the crest on the front of the jersey.

What we want Mr Molson is a winning team. We want a product that we wouldn't mind paying the prices that YOU have subjected us to.. Tickets to games that are in some cases 400% more than other teams south of the border.. $10 for a 1/2 Party cup of beer.. hotdogs that I would not even give to my own dog.

The only way this is going to happen is with new management and a new head coach. I believe in this team and if you do as well, you will give us people who believe in the CH like we do.

Thank you

A desperate Habs Fan

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Movember is ushered in...

Well hockey fans gone is a very shaky October. Bring on the stashes and a great November. Who would have thought that the Leafs and Oilers would be doing as well as they have? Certainly not I. Then again the Leafs win a couple games and the parade route is always planned straight down Younge Street to the nearest golf course, as it should be.

Last year that this time, Our beloved Habs had a less than impressive record in October. Then magically as the stash grew above Cary Price's lip, we started winning more often than losing and turned the season around. Funny how a little lip hair can do that for a hockey season don't you think?

This year started off bad and before this past week off, we finished up with 3 convincingly solid wins against Philadelphia and Boston. Could this be what the Forum ghosts ordered? One can hope!

This month we are expecting the return of Markov. As I have quipped on twitter recently, I genuinely forget what it's like to have him in the line up. I am not Anti-Markov by any means however his re-insertion into the lineup will take some getting used to which will mean Webber will become a forward again or watch a few games from the Press box.

Another well talked about return is Scott Gomez. Time and time again I have heard sports media pundits as well as some bloggers say he should be buried in the minors. I have to say that is probably the biggest mistake we could ever do. Sure he still has his 1 and only move of skating through the neutral zone only to lose the puck at the blue line. However the Scott Gomez I know is a play maker and a highly skilled passer.

Remember that 6 game losing streak? No one could make a tape to tape pass to save their lives. As well we could not seem to get the puck deep enough past the opponents defense to launch our fore check. Now that we seem to have that fixed Gomez may end up surprising everyone, just as Pearn's firing leading to a 3 game winning streak.

Hey I could be crazy. And The Leafs could go deep in the playoffs too.

(Insert Laugh here)